La Satina: an introduction

Indulge yourself in true luxury with our La Satina collection! This collection is inspired by the textures and patterns of satin: Georgiana’s favourite material. We wanted to create pieces that were as much about the way they feel as the way they look! 

Our La Satina collection began when Georgiana brushed her hand over a favourite satin scarf and thought how lovely it would be to have a jewellery collection made from the same material. She was surprised to discover that whilst there were lots of types of brushed satin jewellery on the market, all of them felt the same as smooth metal - which she knew she had to change! 

We experimented with a number of techniques to see if reaching our desired effect was possible. Finally, we refined the process to the one we used today. We can’t tell you exactly what it is though - that remains a secret! What we can say is that our La Satina collection is luxury for both your ears and your eyes! The beautiful texture and pattern of these pieces is what makes them so special. We invite you to indulge in some brushed satin for yourself.


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