La Napoli: an introduction

Our La Napoli collection was inspired by Italy’s most jumbled masterpiece. Napoli is a city of hustle and bustle energy, winding streets and inspiring art. As if that wasn’t enough, it is also home to the world’s greatest pizza! On a recent trip to Napoli, Georgiana decided to try and distil the feeling of this beautiful place into a collection of hoop earrings and so La Napoli was born! 

We think that sometimes the most beautiful things in life are distilled down to their essential ingredients. So, much like Napoli’s world-famous food, we wanted to keep the earrings simple. For our hoops, this meant creating a classic ¾ tube-shaped design with a smooth finish. We think this earring really suits the Neapolitan style. 

Napoli is a vibrant city with a massive social scene. On a trip to the city, Georgiana wouldn’t have time to change from daytime to evening outfit. The La Napoli hoops are designed to be the perfect match for casual day looks and sophisticated evening outfits. We wanted to create an all-day earring that would bring some true Neapolitan vibes and everyday luxury to your style!


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