Fashion Forward: why style is important

It’s nothing new to say that what we wear says a lot about who we are. What is a bit more refreshing is that it doesn’t really matter what we wear. That’s right, it doesn’t matter. It’s not what we wear but how we wear it. In other words, style is everything. 

Everyone’s been there - five outfits in, stressed out to the eyeballs with twenty minutes left before you have to leave for a night out, screaming “I’ve got nothing to wear!” That’s because in those frenzied moments, we’ve confused fashion for style. Style is the ability to sort through a seemingly random (or messy!) wardrobe and put an outfit together that reflects who we are. In other words, expressing ourselves with clothes and of course, accessories! 

Expressing yourself is a huge part of being stylish and because everyone is so different, there’s countless ways you can make this work for you. That’s why there’s so many different styles out there! For some women, the ability to express themselves is about wearing bold patterns and coloured prints, for others it’s about wearing simple and soft  materials. This might all sound a bit general, but think of yourself in a pair of skinny leg red leather jeans and you’ll know that this might just be truer than you think! 

That isn’t to say, however,  that you can only wear one type of clothing or print. Unfortunately, style just isn’t that easy! Figuring out what works for you and what doesn’t is all about trying new things and experimenting with possibilities. If you’re anything like us here at Georgiana Scott, you’ll see this as a great opportunity to go shopping! 

Whilst there is a lot of trial and error involved in finding your true style, there is one thing that is most important above the rest - what you wear has to make you feel comfortable and confident. (Anyone who likes high heels will know that comfort doesn’t necessarily mean physically-comfortable!) What we’re talking about is feeling confident and comfortable on the inside in order to determine how you show your style on the outside. If you use this as your guide, you simply can’t go wrong!